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Experience Hot Air Ballooning

The balloon is good and visible from the ground; a lot of people are happy to have it. Not a lot of people get to ride a hot air balloon - people are impressed. It's a great idea on RE/MAX's part!
Steve Catcher, RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.
Maple Syrup Festival 2011

"We've had the balloon out a number of times. This was probably the best. No matter what hurdles they had, they got around them. I couldn't say enough about the Team."
Winnie Norman, RE/MAX Eastern Realty Inc.
Polarfest 2011

"The Balloon has been a great marketing tool. Our office has been recognized so much by the Balloon. Whenever we say RE/MAX people know it goes along with the Balloon."
Luc Joly, RE/MAX Riviera 2000 Realty Inc.
Clarence Creek Carnival

"The weather was too windy, so the Balloon did not fly. But the Balloon team stayed from the morning until about 3:00pm. The balloon attracts a lot of people. The team is always good."
Bill Johnson, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty
Dorset Snowball